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“It’s allergies… don’t go get antibiotics… you’ve just got Fall allergies.”

Please don’t say this to me ever again.  You know who you are.  In less than 48 hours, the antibiotics cleared up my “allergies” almost completely, also arresting the progress of the bronchitis and whatever other nastiness was happening in my chest.  I realize that antibiotics should not be passed out like party favors, etc etc, but when one has been sick for three weeks to a month, it’s time to see what modern medicine can do.
My passport is due here on the 18th or so.
Parker from the Low Lows is calling me saying “Come to New York City, we’re having a blast and we have some down time so you could get in a few practices.”  This is, I believe, what the metaphor of the “Sirens’ Call” was created to describe.   I have so much to do here, and also so little money right now.

I am kinda worried about what incidental expenses are going to be like in the UK.  What with the exchange rate doing what it’s doing in reaction to the Madness of King George.

Let’s see….

Last time I was in London, a meal in a restaurant was averaging about £9.00 GBP (and that was nothing spectacular), and with the current exchange rate that comes to about $17.00 USD for a burger and some beans.  That’s before tip and whatever it cost to get there via train or cab.

Aheh.  Oh, shit.

Well, there’s always the Old Stand-bys.


  1. Food in expensive countries is easy. Just find your local grocerty store and buy bread, cheese, meat, fruit and veg and you’re good to go. Of course, there’s no fish and chips or a decent burger in those stores, but that’s the price of living cheap.

  2. Vicky

    There’s a restaurant in Kilburn (just up the road from the venue you’re playing in) called Small and Beautiful. Good food, nice staff, and it’s about USD10 a head. Stay out of the West End and you can find food at a price that doesn’t make you choke!

  3. You’ll get breakfast at your hotel. Eat lunch in pubs, and dinner where the locals go. When I was there 36 years ago, a meal went for about $2 if I remember right. Indian food was the most expensive at about $3.50, but the best. Fish & chips are good too.

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