A little bird just brightened my day

Hugh Hewitt!  Scourge of the Left!  The dust jacket of his book, ‘Painting the Map Red’ says it’s “The book the Democrats don’t want you to read”!!

It “shows you how conservatives can take down the Democrats, expose their liberal extremism, and reignite the Reagan Revolution.”

It’s all about creating a PERMANENT REPUBLICAN MAJORITY!

And now, friends and neighbors, it’s $2.99 for the hardcover edition!

Folks, when they call a book “pulp” it’s because it’s the equivalent of buying mashed up sawdust.  At $2.99 (shipped?) for a five pound book, that’s CHEAPER than sawdust.  You should buy a load of these and use them to insulate the chicken coop.

I know I am thinking about it…


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