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I found this story from the Washington Post to be touching and very powerful.

Think of “El Chino” when you see people like Tom Tancredo talking about how “These people” come to steal “our jobs.”

The whole issue of illegal immigration is terribly complex, and there’s no ground upon which to stake your tent that isn’t at least partially shot through with contradictions. BUT, if I had to make a decision between partnering up with El Chino or Tom Tancredo to move forward and to define what it means to be American, the choice is pretty clear.

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  1. My stance is that illegal immigration is… illegal. I heart immigrants and the culture they bring, but if some of them are too lazy to go through the process like the rest of the folks, go back to where you came from, I say.

    I would much rather be friends and neighbors with someone who wants to be here bad enough to fill out the paperwork and wait, than some criminal who crosses the desert in the middle of the night or over-stays their visa on purpose.

    There is nothing that says we have to open our country up to immigration, and I wish people would stop complaining about it and trying to come here illegally. I’d like to see them try to immigrate into Germany or France or the Netherlands for instance… fat chance.

    I also think (seriously) that if anyone under 35 wants to immigrate here, they should be required to do 4 years in the military first and/or have a previous college education. Wanna come to America? Prove it.

    And children born here of illegal immigrants should absolutely not be allowed to become instant citizens. This just encourages poverty and reliance on our already strained social system. Most people don’t know it, but that stupid law is a result of the end of slavery to ensure that slaves were considered citizens. Why it has not been clarified to exclude illegal immigrants, I’m not sure.

    As for the jobs, well. You do know that when illegal immigrants come into a community it depresses wages for jobs on the low end of the scale, right? I mean why would an employer pay good money for manual labor when there are hundreds of illegal immigrants willing too work for minimum wage, or off the books?

    Probably the only thing I like about Sonny Perdue is that he is strong against illegal immigration. If Mark Taylor wins, I hope he is too.

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