Try to live with the crappy music

Here is a video of some of the buildings in Benissa, my favorite city where the Low Lows played in Spain.

Whoever shot this missed some of the most interesting things about Benissa. Yes, the buildings and the streets were cool, but the people were the best thing about the city. The Saturday market was incredible. I don’t know, I don’t really go to a city to solemnly walk through the 500 year old churches- I go to meet people, sit at the caf├ęs and watch the world go by. The light, the food, the music and the bells in the cathedral tower downtown are entrancing.

Still, this gives you an idea of the stark white buildings against the cobalt blue sky. Let’s all move there when we’re old.

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  1. mauricio

    I agree with that city description despite I don`t know it.The way you describe the city,make me feel very fine.Go ahead

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