You say “Democrat Party,” and I am gonna call your boy “John Boner”

I can act like a third grader, too… and my joke is funnier.

I was reading back through Steve Audio’s blog because I haven’t lately and it’s a shame to miss such good stuff, and I found his link to Ezra and August‘s latest outburst of frustration with the whole “Democrat Party” catachresis. I do wish, some days, that I was one of those teevee pundits who they call to debate the wingnut welfare ninnies on cable news.

Every time they said “Democrat party” I would have to slip in a reference to The Big Boner. A million laughs, I tell ya…


  1. To get really nitpicky here, when German is transliterated into a language that has no umlaut, the typical spelling changes from ö to oe.

    Thus, Böhner becomes Boehner.

    The schoolbook pronunciation of umlaut-o is to say a long o (oh) while pursing the lips into trying to say ‘U’. The result is somewhat like the vowel sound in the word pew.

    Obviously it’s far closer to Boner than Baner. And it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a dick.

    I’m just saying…

  2. Got the link from Steve Audio, happy to say. Hey, I had the most spectacular crash – well, I wasn’t driving – in a Dart when I was 16. Big tree down. Engine practically between us. Beers buried in the dirt in Western New York. I will always love those cars.

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