Keep the X in Xmas

There’s a thread over at The Velvet Rope about the toxic effects of Christmas music, and what the worst Christmas song of all time might be.

I have no strong opinion of what the worst might be.  I tend to hate all of it.  I am not a big fan of the Holiday, honestly.  My brother was trying to make some sense of his Seasonal Malaise over at FDL, last night.  God love him, I haven’t forgiven the holiday for being a heaping pile of materialistic shit.  Part of this stems from the fact that we rushed home from my tenth Christmas on our Fair Planet so that my folks could finalize their divorce papers on December 26th.

I can’t imagine what lawyerly soul thought that was an excellent date to euthanize a marriage.  Seriously.  Couldn’t wait until January 3rd?  WTF?

In the meantime, my XMas music solution is to go over to the iPod playlist called “All Melvins, All the time.”

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