Word for the day: ULTRACREPIDARIAN

“Somebody who gives opinions on matters beyond his knowledge.”

Defined here.

I discovered the word while rereading my favorite Christmas story ever at ScaryDuck’s old site.

I glazed over with a dreamy smile on my face, but by the time the three of us were naked, the moment had passed.

Instead, I bowked rich brown, crispy vomit all over their legs, which rather put a dampener on the whole occasion, and the resulting screams made me fear for my life. “Dear Fiesta… ah forget it.”

In an attempt to sleep it off an a nice, quiet office, I managed to mark my card further by bowking rich, brown vomit over the office manager’s Territorial Army uniform, which featured far too many leather straps to be strictly official, just hours before she was due at the annual Christmas service. To make things even worse, this occured literally seconds before she arrived with some strapping chap on her arm saying “We can do it on my desk, nobody will find ou…”.

Ah, the Holidays!

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  1. Good word. I am saying it over and over to try and memorize it. Might come in handy, and guaranteed to confuse wingnuts. They’ll like the “ultra” and the “arian” part. Might think it’s a religion…or a white cult…

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