I love hackers and geeks

This little trick just saved my life.

I went to Cingular yesterday, with the full intention of doing the hardcore “Well, you may have noticed my contract with you is UP, and I am gonna need a few things from you before I sign up again. I want a free phone and what’s this ‘data plan’ I hear so much about?”

Well, with a dead phone and 200+ numbers hanging in the balance, I was basically fresh meat to the guy on the other side of the counter. I ended up paying for what is basically their Gimme phone. It’s a Nokia 6126- it’s got Nokia’s nice operating system on it, but it feels like a hunk of turd in my hand. Just plastic and not very sturdy. It does have Bluetooth, so I was able to move some photos of my dogs over to the phone and delete their awful default desktop and stuff, but I wasn’t able to sync my Address Book from OS X …. until I found the magic tutorial above. I love this part: “Since the 6126 is essentially a 6131 but for North America, I gave it a try and it worked.”
Who thinks like that? This guy needs some kind of special hat, like the ones engineers used to wear back when your hat identified your job- and it needs to say “I am very much smarter than you. Ask me anything.”
I brought all of the addresses from my Mac over to the phone, so I now have numbers for many of you that I didn’t have before. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send me your number! There’s a possibility that I DON’T have it… so fire away.

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