I am in Connecticut

Landed safe and sound in Newburgh, NY last night and was met at baggage claim by the Furs’ tour manager, Bob, who is a fantastic guy. He spotted me amongst all the other travelers without too much trouble. Bob has been managing tours for 30 years and is full of interesting stories and observations.

The last few days have been a whirlwind. I had two shows with Music Hates You for AthFest- one at Nu├ži Space and one at the Caledonia. My hands still haven’t completely recovered from my ill-advised decision to use a different brand of sticks when we were in Memphis two weeks ago. I got massive blisters from the new sticks because the finish was a little stickier, so those broke, then bled, then the pad of my thumb cracked because the new skin underneath wasn’t flexible enough for me to keep playing. That stings a little.

In the meantime, they’ve rented a nice DW kit for me. It arrives this morning I didn’t specify a finish, but I am secretly hoping it will be silver or gold sparkle. I love that retro stuff.

I brought my Ludwig snare, which isn’t at all pretty- it’s a bare wood, unfinished ’70s drum, but it sounds amazing. I should get it recovered.

I spent nearly every free minute of the last few days holed up at Pigpen studios, where I work and where MHY practices, back in the drum storage room playing this kit to learn the Psychedelic Furs songs:

Note the laptop and headphones back in the corner. I have notes for each of the songs and I have been playing along with them as the go by in itunes.

This morning I am waking up in the Holiday Inn, a little groggy. I have not yet flipped over to Rock and Roll time, since I have been working at my job for a couple of years now. I called the front desk and asked for an 11am wakeup call, just to be sure I didn’t sleep through my 12:15 call. I am laughing about that now, since I woke up at 8:30.

I am a little apprehensive about today’s rehearsals, mostly because it’s a big deal that I know these songs well and that I don’t hold this whole process up. The Furs had another drummer picked out, as I mentioned before, and they have taken a big chance on me in order to keep this tour on the road. I really don’t want to disappoint anyone.

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  1. B Moe

    You might already know this trick, but turpentine on blisters turns them to callous much faster. Saved John alot of extra pain back in the day. Good luck with the tour, the hook to Pretty in Pink is one of my all time favorites.

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