First day, not perfect

Internet was down here at the hotel all day yesteday, so I wasn’t able to write much here.

I wasn’t in top form yesterday. Mostly it’s nerves, which made me play like like I didn’t know what I was doing. That’s the funny thing about these sorts of gigs- it’s so important to play well that I have trouble relaxing and settling into the groove. At one point I felt like they’d have been better off with a trained seal behind the kit. I know I play better than that.

They are being very patient, and by the end yesterday I was playing like I know I can play. It took so long, it was somewhat frustrating for me, I can’t imagine what it was like for guys who have been playing these songs for 20 years.

I would love to give you some idea of where I am staying and all that, but I have been so deeply involved in this process that I can’t think of much else. I will be able to tell you more as things calm down some.

here are three things, though:

1. Went for a run yesterday. I think I found the only steep, nasty hill in town and decided to run up it in the heat. Durr.

2. The drumset I am using is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. Ever. It’s a black pearl DW kit. Pictures tomorrow.

3. I do miss my wife. A lot. It gets to me a lot more when I am stressed, I think.


  1. Hey yous guy! All us dudes at the roaster are reading your shit. Don’t worry about the crowds and stress – you rule!!! MOre people is always better than less. We will keep checking this ass – have a blast dude! later- roaster fools.

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