You don’t say?

Ah, Miami… Swimming pools, movie stars, fruity drinks, and the proving grounds of the new Police State. (Just click through for the day pass. You need to read this article.) (Unless creeping fascism makes you really mad. Then you need to go watch Survivor or something.)

“Essentially what happened,” she adds, “is that the police went from being the neutral protector of liberty and property and safety, which is what their job is supposed to be, to being the enforcer of a political goal of the political and business communities.”

  1. Well, darnit, Survivor’s over, and Sandra won. So here comes the outrage.

    Except it’s not really outrage, more a sense of, “Well, isn’t this par for the course?” Riot police tactics are the reason why I don’t go to marches or participate in demonstrations, even though the ones I’d to go would probably be the ones least likely to have its members shot at with rubber bullets.

    Point is, this chills everybody’s right to protest, so I went ahead and made a donation to the National Lawyers Guild. Yeah, I know; me, their worst nightmare. (Well, I guess second worst now, after the Miami PD.) Anyway, Google ’em, and they have a section for the Miami protesters on their front page, PayPal button and everything.

    (I already get a very weird mix of political fundraising e-mail. May as well muddy the waters a bit more, no?)

  2. Well, it has a chilling effect on sane, soberminded people going to protests. On the other hand, those folks that are spoiling for a fight will be drawn like yellow jackets to warm Dr. Pepper.

    Think “Days of Rage”– where thousands of those “peace-loving hippies” (thank you, Hollywood, for that distortion of real history) took to the streets to do battle with the Chicago Police Department in retaliation for the same type of police riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

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