I have to admit, it’s getting better… It’s getting better all the time

Second day of rehearsals went better than the first. Still having some minor issues with nerves causing me to speed my tempos up a bit. I think I might do the first couple of shows with a click either in my monitors in some headphones. (for those of you who are not aware, a click track is an electronic metronome to help keep the drummer from speeding up or dragging tempos. Makes a nice difference when nerves or whatever make it hard to NOT speed up.)

Mars, the sax player, and I have been hanging out. It’s good.

We check out of the hotel here in 45 minutes or so and climb aboard our chariot to go to Indy. I just shot this photo out of the window of my hotel room:

That’s home for the next few weeks. I have been inside already and it’s quite well appointed. More photos will follow as bandwidth allows.

This is the rental kit they got me:

Black diamond pearl happens to by my favorite drum finish ever. Additionally, these are huge drums with a huge sound…. I couldn’t me more pleased.

I have to figure out how to own a set of these one day. Drum Workshops drums aren’t cheap though. They’re the tool of professional drummers, and it’s not like I can peel of three large to get a set of these, although I am willing to bet no one would love them and play them more than I would…

well, I gotta pack up here. Bus call in thirty minutes. Need to be there and not keep anyone waiting.

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