Now THAT’S more like it

Tonight was far and away the best night of the tour so far. I finally felt really comfortable playing the songs, the tempos flowed really naturally, the songs soared and roared. Richard sang beautifully and was clearly having fun, as were Tim and John. Tonight was good, good, good. I am finally relaxing and playing like the drummer I know I am capable of being.

The crowd may have been the largest I have ever played for in my career, and they were having a fine time, as well. When we finished the song “Heaven” there was this huge sound as they went nuts. I shouted to Richard over the cheering “THEY LIKED THAT ONE!”

This was a magic night, one of the sorts of nights that make playing music for a living worthwhile. There are so many sacrifices every musician makes in order to play- long times away from home, uncertain or negligible income, no health insurance, etc, but transcendent nights like tonight are the reason we do it.

I met a woman at the Chicago gig who asked if I could get her Furs t-shirt signed by the rest of the band, but Tim and Richard had scattered to the winds, since they had rides and other plans that night after the show. I suggested that she turn up in Naperville, because we were there all day today hanging out at Ribfest and just people watching. She found me after the show and I was able to round everyone up and find a Sharpie and get it done. She seemed pretty happy about it. I am glad she caught me.

Also, I met a contributer to the Furs’ fan site who was awfully kind to me and was overflowing with praise for the gig. It *was* a good gig, and I am thrilled she was at this one.

All in all, I am starting to feel like I am living up to my own standards. One or two more shows and we’ll be a well-oiled machine.


  1. Caroline

    And the beat goes on~!!!!!

    I saw the Fri. Show and the one tonight and you are much harder on yourself then you really appear from an audience side of things. I am a friend of Phil The P-D-W of the Maxell street film we met you on Fri after the show. Not only are you doing a great job on stage the furnatics really enjoy your daily blog. As well as I do. I thougt the Fest would be a bit of a relaxed air. Glad you coming into your own. Have a great tour!!! The Furs were great tonight and your a Fur now!!!! Meow!

  2. Yay for you. I am certain that up to now you’ve been more disappointed in yourself than anyone else has. But I’m really glad to read that things are going great. Happy Independence Day, my friend. Enjoy.

  3. Pat, you sounded magnificent on Monday night! “Heartbeat” was stellar, and that was the song I most wanted to hear on this tour. o/

    Hang in there. It has to be tough, stepping into such a huge band at the last minute. You’ll be fine. *hugs*

    Bonnie 8^)
    T3 Furs/LSL list

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