Something quick before i go onstage in Baltimore

#1: Many of the dates on this tour are with the Welsh band The Alarm, who I just loved back in the day, especially the tracks “68 Guns” and “The Stand.” They’ve been BRINGING IT on this tour. These guys are definitely rocking like they mean it. I am particularly gratified to know that Mike Peters, the singer, has pulled off one of the best rock and roll pranks in history. Check this out.

Twenty years after the Alarm fired off “68 Guns,” the group is back on the charts . . . but nobody knew it. Disguised as a younger outfit called the Poppyfields, the band — best known in the U.S. for Eighties anthems like “The Stand,” “Strength,” and “Rain in the Summertime” — landed a Top Thirty single in the U.K. this week with “45 RPM,” thanks to a video featuring the Welsh band the Wayriders lip-synching the tune.

#2 Also, we on the bus have been delighted with this video by Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip.

Richard’s been walking around the bus saying “Led Zeppelin? JUST A BAND… The Pixies? JUST A BAND!” for two days now.

#3 ALSO…. one more thing:

We’re playing Baltimore’s Pier Six Pavilion tonight, which, like nearly every other stop on this tour, has massive dressing rooms. HOWEVER, the main dressing room has a bathroom with a big steel door, which I noticed immediately upon walking in, had been forcibly opened at some point. My initial supposition was that it had been pried open because someone was locked inside, but when I asked one of the guys from Baltimore Sound and Light what had happened, he told me a different story. See, the first concert of the season this year was a fairly big band, and they had a great show. After the set, they adjourned to the dressing room, had a second to catch their breath, then went out to do their encore. HOWEVER, they took their places and turned around and… ? NO DRUMMER! They waited for a minute or so, then the singer called for him from the microphone. Still no drummer. He got the crowd chanting his name. Several minutes passed and STILL no drummer.

Finally, the guy who I spoke to from BSL went back towards the dressing room, and there was this TERRIBLE CRASHING SOUND just as he entered the room, and the door of the bathroom EXPLODED open, and out popped the wild eyed drummer. See, right after the show, he’d ducked in for a quick leak and locked the door behind him. As the rest of the band was heading back out to the stage, he turned around, grabbed the door handle and it came off in his hand. He tried to unlock the door and it wouldn’t work without the door handle… and he could HEAR the rest of the band calling him, but they couldn’t hear him shouting to be let out. So he started kicking and kicking and KICKING the door until it finally bent just far enough out to pop open. That’s when our witness with BSL turned the corner, and out popped this angry MADMAN…

I am sure that at the time he was a furious wreck…. but I hope that the guy thinks it’s funny by now, because it kinda is, y’know….

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  1. I’m still reeling from last night’s show. All three acts were incredible, but the Furs owned the entire audience! It was great seeing you again, and be sure to get some good rest before your next show.

    Ma, I wanna be a drummer in a rock band when I grow up!

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