Great quote for your 4th of July hangover

This is from Werner Herzog, talking about his new film “Rescue Dawn.” This is a nice summation of how it feels to be living in the greatest country on earth right now:

We should be cautious, because there are an abundance of films that are anti-American or at least question American’s attitude in the world. Strangely enough, this is a film that praises the real qualities of America. In Dieter Dengler, you had the best you can find in America: courage, frontier spirit, loyalty, the joy of life. He’s the quintessential immigrant. He wanted to fly and America gave him wings. As you may know, I live in America, and it’s not for no reason. I like America, even though I see there’s trouble at the moment and turmoil. But in my opinion, America always has a kind of resilience and youthfulness to overcome all these things. Everyone is desperate about the situation right now and I keep saying, “Look back 50 years ago, how America overcame the McCarthy witchhunts.” There is something I like about America, it’s dear to my heart and I’m a guest in your country. It’s not that I don’t have some ambivalent feelings, but strangely enough, the film is against the trend.

I have had much time with English expatriates lately. They all live in America or are coming here to work, even though the Pound is SMASHING the dollar on world currency markets. I love open space and I love living on 3 acres for which I paid a very reasonable sum.  I like that there are no cameras watching me most of the time.  I like that I can shoot tin cans and clay pigeons from time to time.

I am no raging patriot.  I am not from the “Love it or Leave it” crowd.  My opinions on the current president and the war and the state of American Health Care are well documented.  Feel free to read though the archives on the right there…  But I am not about to say I’d rather live anywhere else.  Not at this point in my life, anyway.
Here’s my quick Independence Day quiz for all you “America-hating liberals”! List some of the things you love about your country in the comments. It would make me very happy if you did.


  1. Oh Patrick, I think you know much of my list by now don’t you? Thomas Paine, the revolution, Allen Ginsburg, Walt Whitman, Route 66, big gas guzzlers with fins, a free press, James Dean, trains, the great plains (but not for too long), X, the DiY movement…

    You know, stuff like that.

  2. punaise

    – the vast open spaces that I spend too little time exploring but know are out there
    – the opprtunity to invent/reinvent oneself
    – the alleged separation of church and state

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