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There’s an ongoing topic on a bulletin board at the Electrical Studios site.  The topic is “Little Details from Your Day.”  I only started reading it an hour ago, and this jumped out at me instantly.

I got home about midnight and parked my car down the block. Just in front of where I parked is a distinctive two-story apartment building which I have often admired for its fine late-60s sensibilities.

Tonight, in the big living room windows on each floor, behind nearly identical curtains, a deep red light was flickering, in time, each window synchronized. It took me a moment to realize that both apartments were watching the same channel on tv.

I sat in my car for a minute watching the pleasing, pulsing glow. Then a wave of incredible sadness washed over me.

I lived in Chicago for a year, and so does the fellow who posted this.  I love the way he subtly captures the sadness of people living on top of each other and still not actually sharing their experiences in any meaningful way.  Urban life almost drove me crazy.  I think that’s why.  I was so LONELY.  I am much less lonely living in the country.


  1. I know it sounds sort of ill, but that is one thing I’ve always loved about living in the city. I love feeling like part of a hive. I’m fairly misanthropic so I don’t like feeling like I have to talk to the other bees, but I like knowing they’re there. I find it comforting. Is that totally weird? (But I don’t watch TV so there’s that.)

  2. […] the thread over at the Electrical Audio bbs that I mentioned yesterday continues to provide massive entertainment value for the time invested: About six weeks ago, at a show, to a friend, I said something like, “you can break my kneecap again if it meant no one ever had to hear the Eagles ever again.” […]

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