with Hugo’s blessing

I spoke with Hugo Burnham yesterday.  For those of you just joining us, he was the drummer who had been picked for this tour before he had to return to the UK for an emergency.  He’s back in the States, now.  He is bearing up, as is his essential nature.  (Hugo doesn’t just have the classic British stiff upper lip, he’s got an iron backbone as well.)
We talked about the ups and downs of my adventure with the Psychedelic Furs and how it’s steadily getting better, and we talked about how fun it would have been for him and the Furs if he’d been able to do this.  I asked him if he wanted, y’know, now that he was back in the States and all, for me to approach the band and say “Hugo is back if you want him.”  He’s such a great drummer and would be such a natural for the Furs.

No, he said.  Too much on his mind, too much on his plate, and he’s glad I am having fun.  So.

They’re stuck with me, I guess.

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