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Buffalo rocked, top to bottom, left to right… Great crowd, great show, I went out with some friends of Mars afterwards and had a great meal in a great bar in a great part of town while a great DJ played all of my new favorite records.

We played some sort of free festival in Gateway Park in Tonawanda, NY, which is just outside Buffalo. There must have been 15 or 16 thousand people watching. The Alarm played before us tonight- I stood by the stage and watched their whole set tonight. Mike Peters told the story of how he was lying in bed trying not to die in a hospital last year, getting ready to do six weeks of chemotherapy and the first email he got telling him to get better was from a guy right here in Buffalo. “This song’s for him, it’s called ‘Never Give In Without a Fight!'”

Nice one.

The Furs’ set was the best of the tour so far. I was nervous as a cat looking out at so many people before we played, but Amanda kept reminding me “Remember, just think of it as us playing in our living room….” Once we settled into the show, i calmed down some, and we just rocked it like we owned it.

The crowd was very enthusiastic and after our encore, we all holed up on the bus for a little while. There were wings from the Anchor Bar, which is where Buffalo wings were invented. I had a few and they were very nice.

Mars and I ended up going out with a bass player friend of his named Kent Weber. Kent is pretty well known in Buffalo and has played thousands of gigs. He took us to a bar in the Allentown neighborhood of Buffalo and we had an amazing late night meal of bread, tapenade, olives, and pressed sandwiches. It was incredible. The bar was the Allen Street Hardware Cafe. While were there, there was a DJ from Chicago spinning classic soul, acid funk and downtempo hip hop. It was a fantastic set, and as a former DJ myself, I was impressed. I will update later with his name, since I grabbed one of his disks, but it’s in the cargo bay of the bus right now.

I also met John Lombardo, one of the founding members of 10,000 Maniacs and now of John and Mary. We talked about his recording at John Keane Studios, where I have made a couple of records and where I was fortunate enough to work on the most recent B-52s record as a drum tech. He liked Athens a lot, as would anyone. We also talked about old movies and the Beatles.

I was deliriously happy, even though I had to keep pounding cups of coffee to stay awake. When Mars and I finally got back to the hotel, it must have been half past three. I happily staggered into my room and fell into bed.


  1. punaise

    hey Patrick – sounds like a great gig. I’m going to try to catch the show in SF on 7/15 – would like to say hello to you if your schedule permits. you can e-mail me at my posting addy.

  2. As a lifelong Furs fan and quite possibly a little too stalkerish when it comes to seeing them live, I thought you were FANTASTIC behind the skins. I never would have known that you had such little time to prepare. Kudos to you on a job well done!

  3. Steve

    I was at the Tonawanda show and the band was awesome. Sounded like you have been beating out Furs tunes for years. Come back next year.

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