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OK! It’s been a whirlwind couple of days, so let me try to bring this weblog up to speed with a quickness:

Point Pleasant in New Jersey is the whole concept and ethos of the Jersey Shore incarnate. I had a blast. The venue was sort of a semi-enclosed stage backing up to a lovely white sand beach. Down south, close to Florida, there’s so much coastline and most of it is developed in ways to prevent the kind of MASSIVE crowds you see on Jersey beaches. It was amazing how tightly packed the humanity was there. Around nightfall, they all went home, put on different shorts and came back for the show.

It was hot and loud onstage, and the crowd seemed like it was inches away. I haven’t been so comfortable onstage with the Furs as I was in Jersey. It was much more like a Music Hates You show than any of the other shows we’ve played, so I was totally in my element. The show itself was a little faster and harder than past shows as a result I think. John was playing his guitar like it had blades on it and Tim and I locked in nice and tight. I am really starting to feel the Furs songs in my bones like a good drummer should. The crowd was AMPED, and Richard was bringing the show to them.

We played an abbreviated set to accommodate the city’s fireworks display, so it was a nice, concise, hard-hitting blast of rock and roll. I had a fantastic time and came offstage drenched in sweat and my ears were ringing like two bells. The crowd was like a massive beast with an insatiable appetite. I think that if we’d wanted to, they would have hung from the stage and kept roaring if we played all night.

After the gear was stowed in the trailer, we headed off into the night for Boston, and I fell asleep two or three times in the back lounge before finally giving up and going to bunk.

I woke up on the bus, dropped down out of my top bunk and staggered around looking for coffee and my shoes. When I finally exited the bus, I was facing down the street. I turned around, stretched and looked up and what should appear before my eyes? The giant sign on the back of the right field wall of Fenway Park that announces that it’s the home of the Boston Red Socks! I had been sleeping in the shadow of the Green Monster! The house that Teddy Ballgame built! Awesomeness.

Wandered around Boston a little bit and found some coffee. Wandered back to the bus. It’s interesting how superfluous the drummer is until the gig. Later, I wandered over to the Berklee School of Music and saw the oldest drum shop in America, according to the counter guy there. It was also, oddly, the only store I wandered into in Boston where they weren’t at least mildly rude. I don’t really belong here. I would probably adapt after some years here, but man, the whole “The customer is always an asshole” thing just clashes against my southern sensibilities.

I changed a couple of drum heads at soundcheck and then Hugo showed up. He showed me the college where he teaches. If you happen to live in Boston, you have to see the art show that’s hanging there if you get a chance. I love this guy’s work. He’s got a great eye, and he seems to always find the most interesting angle to shoot his photos from. It’s not the largest show, and I wish there were more photos, but I really feel like Zaltman deserves more exposure.

Hugo and I went and had an amazing meal of sushi at his SECOND favorite sushi place. We went to his favorite place only to discover that they were closed for vacation. RATS! Still, the second favorite place blew anything I have experienced out of the water. Amazing meal, it was…

Hugo’s father is having a little better time of it, but the prognosis isn’t good. I can’t even really fully comprehend what he’s going through. I can’t even think about losing my father without being overwhelmed with sadness. I am glad I was able to fill in for him on this tour, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity.

WELL, on to less depressing topics!!!!

Hugo had to go grab his lovely daughter from the sitter, so he missed the gig itself, which is a shame, since it was another scorcher. I am finally so comfortable with the Furs tunes that I can really DIG IN and knock the hell out of the drums, which is, y’know, what I do best. The Butlers NOTICED, too. We had a real barn burner last night. Some of the tunes like “Dumb Waiters” and “President Gas” slowed down a little bit and swaggered like an angry drunk. I was digging the sort of menacing feel of last night’s gig, and I think the crowd was as well.

Oh, and “Only You and I” felt CATACLYSMIC last night. Fine gig. All of the gigs lately have been high points. I hope that keeps up.

After the show, there was some milling around backstage, and I actually met one of the guys from the band SS Decontrol, which was kind of insane. I used to love those guys back in the day.

Then, back on the bus for the drive to Long Island, and I went to bunk about 4am. Now that I am more comfortable with the tunes, I am really having fun.


  1. I wish I could see the band again, now that you’re feeling better about your performance. I’m happy for you. Keep rockin’ Pat!

    Bonnie 8^)
    T3 Furs/LSL list

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