Gee, Wes… ya think?

Wes Clark turns up the heat a little and says “ If I was in the driver’s seat, we’d have caught Osama Bin Ladin by now.”

Strong words. But I have to give it some thought, because I like and respect Clark as a candidate, and I think it would be difficult for me to list everything that I think is wrong with BushCo.

If the US Military had been left to focus on Afghanistan instead of turning all sights abruptly towards Iraq in the Spring of last year, would we have been able to focus the resources that we needed to the highlands and the Pakistani border? Would we have OBL and Mullah Omar in custody? Granted, it’s all speculation, but now instead of having one mission accomplished, as those silly sailors implied by putting up that banner, we have two missions half-assed done. And no one in the administration seems ready and willing to answer the question “Is America really safer now than it was on September 11th?”

I think that if BushCo would stop stonewalling the 9/11 investigation (and what’s up with that?) then we would know comprehensively if we are safer or not. I have a feeling that the answer to the question is “uhhhhhhhhh…. well, there’s a time for politics….uhhhhh….. it’s, uh, anabsurdinsinuationnextquestion, ‘k?”


He added, “We’ve got a president who will go halfway around the world for a photo opportunity but won’t go halfway across town for a funeral for an American serviceman.

“I’ve been to those funerals. I’ve comforted families. … I don’t think you can make good policy at the top if you don’t understand the impact at the bottom of your organization.”

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