San Diego is kind of an interesting place

I don’t know why TBogg wasn’t at the show, though.  I emailed him a COUPLE of times… maybe he was at the zoo.  Ah, well.  Maybe he was was ignoring me…

We bused down from Long Beach in the morning.  I was late for the bus call because I got my signals crossed with the tour manager, so everyone ended up waiting for me while I was in the hotel room reading Firedoglake.  I got a little razzing for it from Mars, but it’s all fine.

The drive to San Diego was uneventful and the scenery was lovely.  I sat in the back lounge watching the hills roll by until they gave way to ocean.  Our West Coast bus is even larger than our East Coast bus was, and we set about the process of distributing our stuff and claiming our respective bunks.  My bunk is now officially driver’s side front, top bunk.  I like the fact that there is an outlet next to my head on this bus, so that I can plug in my phone to charge once I crawl up in there.  The clearance on bus bunks is just enough to lie down, so on the last bus, when the outlet was down by my feet, it was REALLY difficult to plug in my phone before going to bed.  The outlet was just a tiny bit too far for me to reach when I was standing next to the bunk because it’s so tall.  It’s the little things…

Arrival is San Diego was fairly noneventful as well. Hot and bright at midmorning, then sound check, then several of us wandered down to the mall and were all reminded that recreational shopping is not really part of the options available to musicians, for the most part. Who spends $100 on a shirt? I did buy a coffee and some Ben and Jerry’s while I was down there, and even that was really expensive.

The show was one of the best yet, with the minor problem of me being unable to see the set list during a complete blackout between songs. Almost started “Heaven” where “Heartbreak Beat” was supposed to be. John saw it coming and called the count to a halt just in time.

After the show I met a large crowd of the Furs’ Faithful. What nice people! Welch, thanks for the photos! My favorite photo from the tour so far is one of Richard and I playing “Dumb Waiters” in Buffalo:

I walked Tricia, our front of house engineer, to the 7-11 after the show so she could get a few things, and man, the streets of downtown San Diego at closing time are a freakin’ ZOO. Glad I don’t have to live with that reality every day.

Once we reboarded the bus, it was time to drive to San Francisco.

I remember that there was a Blues Traveler tour shirt from some years ago with the slogan “While you’re dreaming, we’re driving” on it. So true…


  1. Went to the San Diego show with my younger brother. First time seeing you guys live. We were pretty much in the front to your stage left. The Alarm and the Fixx were excellent. But when you guys (and gal) came out, it was a completely different experience. There was definitely a different personae to you which had a very unique feeling to me. I was right under Tim. He looked like he could turn his axe around at any time and smash me over the head if I pissed him off. Actually, who’s web site is this? I’m not sure who I’m writing too. Richard was really intense. I thought he was lecturing me at one point. I really like his stage presence and skill at communicating his art to me. I was blown away. What an incredible night. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to see you again. By the way, nice team work sharing the drum set with each other.

  2. I hope so. I still feel honored to have seen you the other night. You are rock and roll royalty to me. I cherish the experience. Thank you again! By the way, I’m streaming in your music all day now while I work. I can’t get enough.

  3. Eric, the entry on the show in Costa Mesa is coming. The tour is over and we’re all home now, so don’t look for any more shows any time soon, though the future is unwritten!

    Thanks for your support and thanks for reading. Hope to see you at future shows.


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