Back with Music Hates You

I got back to Atlanta on Wednesday, got to bed at two a.m, or so, then was up the next morning and back to the Day Job. Hi, boss! Eight a.m.? No Problem!

After work, I met up with Music Hates You and we went back to Atlanta to play the Drunken Unicorn with Hope and Suicide. It was good to be home- MHY hadn’t done a lot of publicity for the DU show on the outside chance that I might have been delayed coming home and they would have been forced to cancel, so, the show was kind of sparsely attended. The lovely gentlemen of Zoroaster were there, except for Dan, because he never comes to our shows. Dave and Eric from Doomsayer were also there. It felt like a proper homecoming.

I would guess that there were between 7 and 10 thousand people at the Furs’ Costa Mesa show, and there were between 7 and 10 people at the Drunken Unicorn. Oddly, I was totally alright with that. “Become attached to action, not the fruits of action.” It was good, deeply satisfying on a fundamental level, to play with MHY last Thursday. It was nice to peel the lid back and let some “Hell, yeah!” fly out.

There was some of the usual craziness later, only more so. Some things don’t change. I got two hours of sleep and was back at work on Friday. Yep, I am home.

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