Fountains of Spain

The Fountains of Wayne have announced their tour dates in 2008:

  • 1.11.08   Murcia, Spain, EU   Murcia Auditorium
  • 1.12.08   Valencia, Spain, EU   Mirror Club
  • 1.14.08   Santiago, Spain, EU   DC Capitol
  • 1.17.08   Madrid, Spain, EU   Joy Eslava
  • 1.18.08   Bilbao, Spain, EU   Kafe Antzokia
  • 1.19.08   Zaragoza, Spain, EU   OASIS

I am gonna buy a lottery ticket today, y’know, just in case.  I have been to all of these cities, and I love them dearly.  My love for the Fountains of Wayne is well documented. If there was a perfect vacation for my lovely wife and me, well there it is. 

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