How to get some of the music I’ve been raving about….

You can get the startlingly subtle and gorgeous ohbijou record here

Shannon Wright’s new record is called “Let in the Light.”  

Five-Eight’s only record available online is here.   

Dead Confederate have an EP in the iTunes store here.   

Band of Horses “Cease to Begin.”   

Pylon has just re-released their classic album “Gyrate.”  

You can walk into your local record store and buy Gang of Four, I feel fairly confident.  If not, you should check on them in the iTunes music store

 Baroness is a Relapse Records band.  Relapse has a ton of bands I love, and hopefully ONE DAY they’ll sign Music Hates You.  You can get the Baroness record through their (exceptionally well done) online store.   

Christmas is coming- give music to your nieces and nephews… how hip would you suddenly become in their eyes? 

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