Sebastien Grainger may be alright after all.

I actually really enjoyed Death from Above 1979, but the Pitchfork-axis jungle telegraph was all het up about whether or not Sebastien was a colossal prick or not.   

I stumbled across Sebastien’s solo MySpace page today.   I have always thought he was a fantastic drummer, and I tried to model my duo group (with Zaxx from Music Hates You, alternately called Inkfist, James Dean Death Guitar, or something else) as a cross between DfA1979 and Emotional Legs era Leaving Trains.  

I am particularly feeling the symphonic Cheap-Trick-meets-Built-to-Spill pop of “American Names” and the Big Star/Sparks stomp of “I’m All Rage.”  Check out the naked telecaster sting of the intro contrasted with the sweet string section in the chorus.  Really lovely.  

The solo album comes out in early 2008.  I’ll snag a copy as soon as I can and let you know what I think.  

In the meantime, I hope to see more pictures of his dog. 

Sebastien's dog. 

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  1. I met Sebastien in New Orleans when I went to Voodoo Festival and he was nice enough to met, but I have heard stories myself. He is a jokster, I was talking to him and we were discussing the next DFA1979 and he was telling me about some stuff they were doing. Anyway, later I found out that they had pretty much had already broken up before they went on tour with NIN so he was BS’ing me the whole thing which I thought was funny. Turns out he would make up stuff about the next record just to see how far it would spread on the internet. Death From Above 1979 is probably in my top 3 favorite bands, and I was fortunate enough to see them three times before they broke up. I have heard some of his early solo stuff and it was mediocre, I will need to go back and listen to his newer stuff now.

    I want to hear your Inkfist project!

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