Go Forth and Send a Message

One of these “Pro-family” organizations is running an online poll about homosexual marriage. They want your opinion. Really.

As an American citizen, you’re allowed to go have your say in their poll.

The American Family Organization is running this poll and has announced that the results will be forwarded to Congress. I wonder if they expected for the results to be DEAD EVEN. (Actually, if you count the votes for Civil Unions, then the folks opposed to any sort of legal recognition for gay relationships are going to get their asses handed to them in this poll.

Go let them know.

If you read their homepage… hoo, boy. What a bunch of Flat Earth Society types. “NEWS ALERT- The F-Word Used Again, This Time by FOX!

How come “Family Values” always turns out to be code for “Hatin’ Homos”? There are gay people in my family… And I value them…. These people need to loosen up a little.

PS- all hate mail will be graded for spelling and punctuation and then displayed here. (punk-chew-A-shun: That’s how you use them little marks down there on the right side of your keyboard, Cletus. Praise Jesus.)

  1. Chris

    Wow, yesterday when I voted it was “oppose: 49.9%”, which was leading the poll. Now it’s down to 45% and “legalize” is leading. The “civil union” is like the Ralph Nader of this poll!

    If “oppose” doesn’t win, AFA will likely cry about hackers or something.

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