A whole town holds its breath

A brief update on the condition of Officer Courtney Gale

Though Gale’s condition has improved, she has a long way to go, Police Chief Jack Lumpkin said Thursday.

Gale lost a massive amount of blood, and doctors probably saved her leg through several surgeries on damaged arteries, according to Lumpkin, who said Gale’s condition had “improved.”

“There remains some serious concerns regarding the immense blood loss that Courtney experienced, but we have tremendous faith that she will also conquer that hurdle,” the police chief said in an e-mail to county employees. “She is slowly responding to physical stimulus. This could improve in the next hour, day, week or month. Keep her in your prayers.”

County employees and residents showed their support to the wounded officer by coming out in droves to donate blood, according to a representative of the American Red Cross Southern Region.

Blood drives are scheduled from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Jan. 8 and 9 at the Athens-Clarke County Police Department on Lexington Road.

Anyone wanting to help defray the officer’s medical expenses can donate at any SunTrust Bank branch or send donations to the Courtney Gale Assistance Fund, SunTrust Bank, 1022 Prince Ave., Athens, GA 30606.



I was talking about this earlier via IM with my friend Vicky, who is from the UK.


you’d be hard pressed to meet a sweeter person in the world

which is probably how a psychotic with a butcher knife happened to get the drop on her








You’ve never seen a whole town hold it’s breath like this




Hope it’s all OK for her.




I haven’t bent a knee since I was a child, y’know




I’ll bend a knee as well, for all the good it may do.




you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket



this is true 



have a fantastic weekend 

do something so fabulous and awesome that when you finally meet courtney, you can tell her about it




good plan. 


  1. Courtney is a fighter. Courtney runs for children with cancer to go to camp in the summer. Courtney is an amazing individual who has protected people with every ounce of her being. I am proud to say that I know Courtney back in the day when she was working on the street would joke with her about looking so very small when she would come by some function on her way to work in full uniform…… I saw Courtney on Thursday and she is going to fight her way from where she is from. the love that she has around her and all the prayers are going to make her stronger each and every hour that goes by. Life is to short to worry about the little junk; live big today and pray today for our friend.

  2. Rick DeVille

    Patrick, I just checked in on this snowy Sunday morning (well, it’s snowy up here), to read the latest. I’m very sorry to hear about your friend. I haven’t bent the knee in a long time either, but it’s Sunday morning, after all. Considering this stupid war, sometimes people forget who our first line of defense really is. It’s people like Courtney.

    Take care, and warm thoughts from cold New England to all of Athens.

  3. Man, that is tragic. I hope she recovers and that that psycho animal who attacked her is put away for a long long time. Does her insurance really not cover her medical expenses? I know the state of insurance is pretty bad these days, but one would think that a city employee would have the best coverage around. My mom is a teacher and so far her insurance has paid for several tens of thousands of dollars worth of cancer treatments.

    Keep us updated, as I’m sure you will.

    On another note, I’m going to miss you guys this year for the holidays, but Laura and I will be down in GA for NYE next year. Actually we will pass through Athens this Thursday on the way back to NC. I’ll give you a call.

    Also, I love the new blog design. Good work!

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