OK, I’m glad someone said it

Because it gets kind of tiresome to repeatedly watch left-of-center people get tarred and feathered as “Traitors” and their meek little responses don’t really give you the feeling that their gut is telling them any different.

Wes Clark, on the other hand, doesn’t do anything to elevate the debate so much, as he sends the message that he’s not going to stand for it any more. In so many words….

Dec. 21, 2003, 1:25AM
Associated Press

DERRY, N.H. — Moments after praising his opponents in the Democratic presidential race as worthy running mates, Wesley Clark said, in no uncertain terms, how he would respond if they or anyone else criticized his patriotism or military record.

“I’ll beat the s— out of them,” Clark told a questioner as he walked through the crowd after a town hall meeting Saturday. “I hope that’s not on television,” he added.

It was, live, on C-SPAN.

The campaign’s traveling press secretary, Jamal Simmons, was with Clark at the time.

“If anyone tries to question Wes Clark’s character, integrity or his commitment to this country or its security, they’re going to be in the biggest fight they’ve ever had,” Simmons said.

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