Hey, Merry Christmas!

I waited all day to even mention it…

Just to spread a little holiday cheer, I thought I would hip you guys to what it’s like to be a true compassionate conservative. Nothing like taking one person’s experience with one single-mom (who probably has a substance abuse problem and a history of being sexually abused) and using it to tar every single poor person in the country.

Dear Ms. Graham-

Why do I doubt the varacity of this story almost completely? If you’re going to resent the less fortunate when they continue to be less fortunate despite your sterling example of how to be rich, then please, don’t dirty your hands with it. Just don’t bother.

  1. Patrick Merrell

    Amen! That’s got to be the most disgusting article I’ve read in a LONG time. And did you notice that, in the face of this woman and her children’s difficulties, all Graham can think of is her $5 and toilet paper! She has all she ever wanted in life and can’t spare 5 bucks and some TP without bitching about it to the world! Now THAT’s a CONSERVATIVE for ya!

    Patrick Merrell

    p.s. and of course, who will pay for the jails, and the “poorhouses”, and who will raise this woman’s children after she’s forcibly thrown into one or the other? certainly not the “5 bucks and tp” penny pincher scrooge conservatives!

    p.p.s. and seriously, where the hell are those damn ghosts when you need them anyway!


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