These people…

These people should start a club…. really. The hypocrisy of Rush Limbaugh’s attorney is just breathtaking. Roy Black has been doing the rounds of the morning shows screeching about Limbaugh’s right to privacy and the importance of protecting Rusty’s medical records from the light of day. Now don’t get me wrong, as much as I hate that fat sack of pills, I do think that medical records should be kept private. Especially when they might be used to deny someone health coverage (which they routinely are) and when they might be used to smear a party in a court case. Y’know, like a fat radio talk show host, or the victim in a rape trial, where the defendant is represented by none other than Roy Black.

Destroy a young woman’s life to protect some rich asshole from prosecution? Hey, why not just illegally obtain her medical records and spray them around to the media? (I have decided to dub the process of intentionally “leaking” documents to dozens of reporterers the Rove Spray. Because, y’know, a leak implies a sort of dripping action, not something so comprehensive and complete as hosing down the Press Corps…)

Bullets are too good for these people. Roy Black is a whore. He’s a soulless prostitute that traffics in other people’s criminality, and he’s more than willing to use whatever tactics he feels necessary to smear anyone that tries to bring his sleazy clients to justice, until they appear to be as filth encrusted and blackened as his cheap soul. Now he’s doing the Full Ginsburg standing up for Big Pharma’s “Right to Privacy.”

Hey, everyone has a right to privacy, as long as they can afford to pay Black’s fees.

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