Judith Miller’s at it again

Her credibility not sufficiently squandered on Ahmed Chalabi, she reignites American paranoia about anthrax by citing statistics from tabletop crisis modeling. This operation was called “Scarlet Cloud.”

Seriously, who names these operations for Bushco? Is there some retired heavy metal guy kept in a closet in the White House? (Possibly one of eastern European or German origins?) Y’know, once a week they open the closet, and he falls out, hair all jacked around from the combination of Aquanet and an enclosed space, parachute pants as wrinkled as his face, white reboks all scuffed… He pulls himself together just long enough to say “Dude…. Scarlet Cloud…” (Or “Iron Fist…” or “Dude… Iron Hammer…”) Someone says “Thank you, JĀ½rgen,” then he’s grabbed up by his spangly shirt and thrown right back into the closet.

Or maybe it’s the Preznit himself… “Hey, Uncle Karl, how about Operation Anaconda? huhhuh… How about Operation Really Big Dick? huhuhuhuh…”

These people are as much an offense to aesthetics as they are an offense to reason, liberty and justice.

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