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I just got a new Palm Pilot as part of my job. Does anyone have any suggestions for Palm apps that don’t completely suck? Anything useful? (No games, thanks- not a gamer.)

Bueller? Anyone?

  1. B

    Some people really get into having a lot of apps on their palm, but after using mine for 3-4 years I pretty much rely on it for just names and addresses and scheduling. Its really good for that. I use memo pad for keeping lists of things, to do items, or notes.

    Its not all that good for web browsing, maps, or lots of other things, but you can still use it for that. The only two non-game apps I use on a regular basis are:
    1) NeoCal, a nice calculator with trig functions, hex numbers, and all kinds of conversions (miles to meters, etc).

    2) DiddleBug, a sketching program. Good for drawing what you might otherwise draw on a napkin, if you don’t happen to have a napkin handy.

    Some of the apps I have used in the past include a map program, kind of mapquest on the palm for a specific area, a database program where you can create your own databases on the palm, and a C programming environment. If you can get hold of an IR booster there’s a program that will turn your palm into a remote control. I don’t really like it that much though, its hard to find the buttons without looking, and hard to press them without a stylus. Kind of a neat hack though. For games I like SolFree and Bejeweled, and also reptoids, an asteroids close. Good for passing the time in boring meetings!

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