Another Left-Wing wacko

Guess who said this:

“Indeed, on putting down [neo-conservative strategist Richard] Perleƃs new book the thought recurs: the neoconservative moment may be over. For they are not only losing their hold on power, they are losing their grip on reality.

An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror opens on a note of hysteria. In the War on Terror, writes Perle, ‘There is no middle way for Americans: It is victory or holocaust.’ ‘What is new since 9/11 is the chilling realization that the terrorist threat we thought we had contained’ now menaces ‘our survival as a nation.’

Fear is what Perle and his co-author David Frum are peddling to stampede America into serial wars. Just such fear-mongering got us into Iraq, though, we have since discovered, Iraq had no hand in 9/11, no ties to al-Qaeda, no weapons of mass destruction, no nuclear program, and no plans to attack us. Iraq was never ‘the clear and present danger’ the authors insist she was.”

Clearly some whiny liberal afraid to step up and support America’s place as the world’s power-broker, right?

Click on the extended entry to find out who….

It was Pat Buchanan.

I haven’t read the rest of the essay, yet. I am still wondering if chihuahuas are about to fall from the sky and the seas are going to start coughing out flying reptiles, because Pat “the Iron Fist is the Right Fist” Buchanan and I actually agree on something.

  1. Steve

    Pat Buchanan has always had an isolationist streak and so his opinion here doesn’t really surprise me. You might agree with him on this but for different reasons, I suspect.

    — Steve

  2. John

    We seem to forget, Iraq DID have a Nuclear program, DID have a bio program, one of the most aggressively producive ones in the world, and DID have a chemical program.
    Which by the way the French sold them most of the technology to produce nerve, blood and blister agents along with some really interesting Chemical/bio-cockails that we still don’t understand how they work.
    Our friends the Germans trained Iraq’s military and intelligence personnel on how to use them more effectively.

    What Iraq didn’t have was any of the proof that the UN ordered them to show that they had distroyed their WMD’s. In fact they were willing to prove the distruction of less that 40% of the stock piles that they had at first admitted to having.
    During the inspections they DID actively attempt to avoid discloser, interrupt and mislead the inspectors.
    At the end of the first gulf war we failed to enter Bagdad because the military believed that Saddam had chemical and bio weapons that he planned to release if he believed that he was going to be captured.
    This according to his own people was indeed true. Please note that Gulf War syndrome is more common in Iraq’s people than in the returning US soldier from the first Gulf War.
    This is believed by many Iraqi doctors to be due to the chemical agents released around Bagdad during the positioning of those weapons.
    Where are those weapons now? Syria? Lybia? We have no way to know for sure.
    Could they have been smuggled out?
    He smuggled out truck loads of cash and gold worth billions.
    How much harder is it to smuggle weapons worth millions to a market full of whose who are willing to pay for it?
    Iraq NEVER complied by documenting the distruction of the WMD’s that they had admitted to having after the UN and it’s inspectors started looking for it. Suddenly they became unsure of how much they had and how much they had used on the Kerds and during the Iran – Iraq war. Then they were sure that they had distroyed all of it but couldn’t produce any locations with enough residue to account for the volumes that they claimed to have distroyed.
    Did you just want to take their word for it?

    Don’t worry too much about it, In time I’m sure whoever is sitting on those stock piles will finish training someone in their transport and use.
    That only should take a couple of years to do correctly.
    Someday soon they will be happy to let us know of its current whereabouts a little at a time. In the London underground or the channel tunnel.
    Think of the havoic you could create with a effective bio or chemical agent delivered quietly to the produce section of your favorite grocery store chain in a few different states on the same day! Much better terror effect than a boring suicide bomber.
    Then we can sit around and gripe how we waited too long to go in and get them instead of saying we jumped the gun.

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