w00t! Snow day!

I have reaffirmed my loyalty to the great southern tradition of Snow Panic. It snowed about an inch and half here last night, and the town is shut down. The university where I work is closed and that means a day of sipping coffee and BFB. (blogging from bed.)

So there’s a little wind and a thin carpet of snow on the streets and the yards. That’s reason enough for everyone in Georgia to stay safely on the couch and out of “the weather.” In Chicago, that’s a nice day for baseball. But this ain’t Chicago, folks, and I have to say- I get a paid day off that isn’t deducted from my accumulated leave… I’ll take it! They say Southerners are crazy (or just stupid) for declaring a weather crisis whenever a little snow mixes with the rain. You can call us whatever you want, but I can bet you’re calling us that from work!

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