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The last two days, notwithstanding (icy and wet, ugh) bicycle commuting is starting to look better and better. As it stands, my bike is one of two on the bike rack at work. That’s with regular unleaded at $1.57. I wonder what’s going to happen when it breaks $2.00. What about $3.00?

  1. Steve

    Here in Nova Scotia gasoline is 85 cents per liter. That converts to about C$3.20 per US gallon, which converts to about US$2.40 per US gallon.

    I can’t detect much difference in our driving habits than I’ve seen in the US. We all drive too much and have built a society where not to drive disadvantages and stigmatizes one.

    What would happen at $3 or $4 or $5 per gallon? At some point many people would ditch the SUV and switch to a more reasonable vehicle. Some car trips would be combined or cancelled. But I’m not sure behavior would change that much. I suspect people would spend more on gas and less on other things and drive almost as much. They’re hooked.

    — Steve

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