Fun sunglasses aren’t me

I really appreciate you guys’ input, but I need to perhaps mention now that I don’t do fun sunglasses so well.

I have kind of a government issue head. Not to mention the corresponding haircut.

This is me in the old pair of sunglasses I had that broke after three years. Nice, square, durable. Three years is a long time to carry the weight of fun sunglasses. I was really asking for a color preference. I like the gold ones because they are kind of retro and so out that they are a little risky. I like that. See, to me that takes the place of buying fun sunglasses- buying sunglasses that look kind of state trooperish. Like “You in a heap o’ trouble, boy…”-ish. Because that makes me not have to live up to the sunglasses. You buy a really *cool* pair of shades, and you have to look cool in them. You can’t look a little tired and ready to go home from work in them, because they’re *cool.* You have to be ready to go out and party all night, rocker.

And I find that to just be too much work.

Oakleys, well, I see the Oakley logo and I think “Bike Cop.” Too modern, too styled.

I like my shades real simple.

  1. All you need is the right attitude. You know, the one that says “why pay alot for sunglasses you’re just going to lose in a month?” and “i would have worn these when I was 20 if they’d made’em then and I had the money to waste on tacky sunglasses.”

  2. shanfu

    I say stay away from anything that says cop altogether. But you know my allergies….

    Plain & simple is a good way to go. I don’t like sunglasses that look like you could peel away a layer of skin & there’d be circuitry either.

    You always did well in the classic retro look.

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