Chernobyl means “Wormwood”?

Did anyone else know that?

Let me preface this with this caveat- it might be a hoax… But what it appears to be is a woman’s diary of her motorcycle tours of the Chernobyl “Dead Zone” in the (former) Soviet Union. Got this in an email from B.- this morning, and I have been looking at it over and over for the last hour.



  1. Randy Grubiss

    It might be amusing to observe that in the Christian New Testament Book of Revelations, there is a passage referring to a Third Angel: “And the Third Angel sounded,” etc. The passage refers to a bright light coming from the heavens, which, by turning things into “absinthos”, makes the waters bitter and essentially kills everyone (o anthropos). At least one other source adds that the Greek word “absinthos” means “wormwood,” and that a Ukranian word for wormwood is “chernobyl.” Whee.

  2. Selma Kelly

    Hello, doubt any of you are still around. Actually, Revelations 8:8 does not say “a bright light” comes from heaven. The Original Greek states, “something like a burning mountain was thrown into the sea”. This is an asteroid and it’s nuclear energy will poison 1/3 of the ocean and most likely our drinking water. sk.

  3. Landon

    If Chernobyl does mean Wormwood, then is prophecy being fulfilled?

    In my view, the “burning mountain” need not be an asteroid. Consider if John in Revelation was trying to describe a nuclear explosion. He would have to use language and symbols available to him. It would certainly be as if something with the power of a burning mountain, or something like a piece of a star (which burns by nuclear reactions), had been cast upon the earth. When we read scripture, we need to ask,”What does the Lord intend us to understand here?” Perhaps the ‘third of the waters turning to blood’ does not literally mean 33% of all water on earth, but rather that a huge amount of the water in that geographical area became radioactive and as undrinkable as though it were blood.

    If this interpretation is correct, it would mean that one of the signs in the Book of Revelation has already been fulfilled. Can the other signs be far behind?

    It is interesting that after no posts for 3 years, suddenly here are 3 in about a month.

    Landon, from Austin, Texas

  4. Kenny

    Might have something to do with Irans leader talking about the last imam and other prophecies that he thinks he is destined to usher in.

  5. Randy Grubiss

    Hi all. I’m not a classicist, and happily defer to scholars, but in my version, the Third Angel’s trumpet precedes the falling of “aster megas” (my Romanization), viz., a big star. There is a reference to a mountain in the preceding verse. T

    here are certainly historical events associated with falling “mountains” – maybe the most recent is the Tunguska event in 1905, thought to be a meteor. And there’s that iridium layer at the K-T boundary ….

  6. Now, there are many theories afloat, in both Catholic and Evangelical circles, arguing that we are in the “End Times” (though, in Catholic theology, we’ve been in the “End Times” since the Pentecost).

    However, there are two interpretations of the “Chernobyl-Wormwood” link that I’ve read. The first is that the Chernobyl disaster “fulfilled” one of the “prophecies” of the Apocalypse.

    The second would suggest that “Chernobyl” becomes a synonym for “nuclear disaster,” and is implied by some of the other posts above. It could be that the event referred to in Revelation is a massive nuclear disaster that people say, “It’s like Chernobyl” and so on.

  7. The Third trumpet did sound at the happening of the Chernobyl accident. Check out:, go to Videos(free) section, watch “7 Trumpets” video. Oh, by the way. If you don’t really love Jesus Christ, you will not understand how these things can be.

    Daniel 12:10(the Bible) says: “Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise(or righteous) shall understand.

    God bless you, and OBEY ACTS 2:38

  8. Ricardo Medina

    The “burning mountain” could be any of the US’s targets in Iran for nuclear strikes. Most of their targets are in mountainous regions I hear.

  9. benito montoya

    burning mountain could be the island of la palma (volcano in canary islands) creating the tsunami that is predicted to wipe out the entire east coast. that is my bet.

  10. Alex

    Isn’t it possible that Wormwood implies a forthcoming disaster with the Chernobyl plant? There are lots of rumours going around that the huge concrete coating that covered the irradiated core is effectively being eaten away by the intense radiation, and has only a matter of a few years left – at which point, a new method of containing the radiation will be needed. If Russia reverted to her old communist ways and denied help from the outside world whilst simultaneously not having the resources to handle such a problem herself, we would have a global catastrophe on our hands. Alternatively, what if scientists think they can clean up the core once and for all with some new experimental method, but it goes awry and ends with a thermonuclear explosion far worse than the original melt-down? One thing is certain – “Wormwood” certainly has the proven ability to poison the waters. I recall milk being destroyed in *Britain* because the fallout reached as far as us and cows had been eating potentially irradiated grass.

    Whatever the interpretation, it’s certainly not something to be taken lightly. I find it fascinating that God leaves these hints throughout Revelation that can actually be backed up with real world events. The other one that springs to mind is the global earthquake – when that happens, who could then debate whether the bible foretold it or not? Unfortunately for many, that realization may be too late.

  11. Jane

    My goodness, arent’ you folks all so gullible?? That verse says nothing about chernobyl, or any such bunk. Even I can take a verse or two from the book of revelation ( which Thomas Jefferson refered to as, ” the ravings of a madman.”) and twist it or intrepret it to make it look like it has fullfilled some prophecy. People, where are your powers of critical thought?
    I’ll tell you what, end-timers, use this book and tell me what it predicts is going to happen BEFORE it happens, not after ( and not something lame, like wars, earthquakes, or the sun will come up tomorrow) then I’ll be impressed.

  12. John

    To Jane – why does it seem to bother you that other people believe or have faith? If you don’t want to believe it, that is OK. But the verse does say that the name of the mountain was Wormwood. What people in this are talking about is that the Russian word “Chernobyl” means Wormwood. I am not smart enough to know what is going to happen next. But I do have faith in God and believe that there is something out there after we die. Now I don’t know if we are in the “end times” or not but I am going to keep my eyes open for things that the bible says are going to happen. Also, the bible already says that no man will know the day or the time of the end, so trying to predict what will happen before it happens will be a futile effort.

  13. Keith

    The word absinthe is derived from the Greek word “apsinthion”meaning “bitter”, because of the bitterness of the wormwood leaf.

    Contrary to widely-held belief, the Russian word for wormwood is not “Chernobyl”. In Ukranian, “chornobyl”, translating roughly as “black stalks”, refers to mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), not to wormwood (Artemesia absinthium). The fable that Chernobyl = wormwood originates from a 1986 New York Times article that quoted an unnamed “prominent Russian writer” as claiming the Ukrainian word for wormwood was chernobyl. This erroneous attribution took root in the popular imagination, because it enabled associations with the famous verse in the Apocalypse of St. John

  14. Chuck

    The Chernobyl Disaster, a secular book by Soviet-born Viktor Haynes, begins not with an introduction, but with the prophecy and a quote from The Concise Oxford Dictionary, 6th edition: “Chernobyl is a Russian transliteration of the Ukrainian word ‘chornobyl’, which in English means wormwood

  15. William Nelson

    Who can forget that day in `1986, If I remember correctly, I was reading that portion of the Bible about wormwood in Revelations. Reading this at about that time inspired me to go there three times to do research work in Chernobyl and spending time within the Sarcophagus . What I have seen convinced me that when the 2,250 ton vessel lid comes down, and it will, Then more than a third of all sea life will be destroyed including a third of mankind, Need more info ? Willy

  16. William Nelson

    continued…….Why is a third of the Earth going to become contaminated? When the 2,250 ton vessel lid comes down it will embed through ton’s of accumulated Plutonium dust, U235 unburned fuel and multitudes of highly radioactive elements.. In doing this, it will penatrate through an already radioactive flooded basement . Water is being constantly sprayed to capture the Plutonium dust. particles/ the water. a..The water in the basement seeks its own lever, b..The basement water joins the cooling pond through ground water, c..The cooling pond feeds from the Chernobyl River, d..It feeds into the Kiev River d,, It feeds into the black Black Sea. Thins radiation transfer will force worlds of sea life to vacate to area;s uninhabitable and will die anyway. and that includes mankind. This Revelation is about to come true and would say about 2013 before the collapse. The lid will surpass the strength of the rusting and weakening metal that is holding it up. This event can not be stopped. The constructing a dome oner the Sarcophagus is not preventing the big problem. Remember, I told you so. Willy

  17. Tom

    The reference to “one-third” of men, or sea, or animals, etc., is simply a translation into English of an idiom we don’t have. Basically, it simply means “a lot” of whatever’s being discussed.

    Personally, I don’t believe Chernobyl will be the cause of what’s described in Revelation. I believe it will be some kind of nuclear device detonated, possibly by terrorists, to do as much damage and radioactively poison an area to the greatest degree possible.

    Guess we’ll see soon what it will be. I don’t think there’s a lot of time left for the planet as we know it.

  18. andy

    0 yee of little faith, man is dividided even in discussion,will there ever be careful who you scoff& scorn at ‘for this is all outlining the days of end time. next thing is flying locusts with mouths of fire that do hurt in the holy lands,revalation is your only hope of truth& damned are those who have interfered with it& twisted as this will be the truth of the outcome for them & theres.peace be on to you& becareful what you wish for & misinturprate

  19. @lison

    you are right about there being divisions. the bible says there will be, however, healthy discussions like these are good especially when dealing with revelations. there are many human interpretations of the book so we have to be careful not to marry into any single one and be open to all because we should be vigilant, especially these days. we should be open to the possibility that it may not look how we think it might, because we might just miss the important stuff.
    have a great day guys!

  20. Ross Presser

    Chernobyl does NOT mean wormwood.

    Chornobyl, a similar but distinct word, refers to a plant which is similar but distinct from wormwood. Ukranian translations of the bible do not use either chernobyl OR chornobyl to translate the Greek word which is translated as wormwood in English.

    See Chernobyl in popular Culture on Wikipedia for some more discussion of this.

  21. Hello, doubt any of you are still around. Actually, Revelations 8:8 does not say “a bright light” comes from heaven. The Original Greek states, “something like a burning mountain was thrown into the sea”. This is an asteroid and it’s nuclear energy will poison 1/3 of the ocean and most likely our drinking water. sk.

    This is what was said earlier, and I belive this is Krakatoa, where 1/3 of the island was destroyed, it also states that the water will turn to blood, and the lava of the mountain exploding turned the sea red for a few days and for about a month the sunsets were a strange red colour.

  22. Eric

    Consider the result of an asteroid which e.g hits into the Atlantic ocean. First of all an enormous shockwave will appear which will destroy most buildings within thousands of km from where the asteroid passes the atmosphere. Then a Tsunami more than 1000 meters will drown all cities along the Atlantic coast. An earthquake like no other will shake the earth and destroy most buildings on the earth. But the biggest disaster is that all or most nuclear plants will be destroyed so the radioactivity from all these plants certainly will become many thousands times higher than from the Chernobyl accident. It won’t be possible to live on earth because of the radiation for the people that possibly survive the first phases. Only certain types of insects can live in such an environment.

  23. SJ

    Would it not be a good idea to find out what the original greek word for wormwood translates as in all world languages, and then see if you can find any patterns? It could be that there’s another nuclear power plant , or something else entirely,with the correct translation for wormwood.
    In any case, I thought wormwood was referring to the old word for the planet x comet planet due to pass by earth in 2012? Unless that is a pile of rubbish too. There is a lot of doubt in the scientific community as to whether planet x actually exists…

  24. Beth

    “The first angel sounded: And hail and fire followed, mingled with blood, and they were thrown to the earth. And a third of the trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up. ” Could this be relating to all the fires that have come in the US. Much land has been destroyed with everything that dwelt in those lands.

    “Then the second angel sounded: And something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea became blood. And a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.” Could this be relating to an oceanic volcano that has erupted? Causing a Tsunami?

    “Then the third angel sounded: And a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood and many men died from the water, because it was made bitter.” Could this be related to Chernobyl? The radiation fall out from the rains after Chernobyl (which reached as far as Europe) has caused many diseases and high increases in cancers throughout the world. It is also possible that the ultimate Chernobyl meltdown has not yet occurred. Russia is trying to gain allies with US and Europe in fighting the middle east at this moment. President Obama is in Europe with the Russian leaders discussing “the world economy” and assisting each other in the war against the terrorists. Think about it!

    If you go further into reading on the 5th trumpet, it sounds like war. What they are describing is what we have all become to familiar with being war planes. “their wings was like the sound of chariots with many horses running into battle. They had tails like scorpions, and there were stings in their tails.” Sounds like the missiles they carry.

    It all sounds to me as if WW III is coming. And if WW III does hit, who’s to say that the radioactive area in Chernobyl (which is still a major threat that they tried to bury under concrete) is not hit by one of the warhead bombs and igniting it even further?

    Just some ideas. Maybe I am wrong, or maybe I am right. But, at any means, the sign of the times are upon us. That much is clear. As everything unfolds, it will become more clear and transparent. I am only sorry for those who refuse to see, those who go through life with their eyes and ears closed to the word of God. He has warned us and also tells us that some things were sealed up until the end of times, and only those who seek the answers will find them. Those who are believers of God.

  25. Beth

    I would like to state I realized after my posting that this is April 1st, traditionally known as April Fool’s Day. In no way, whatsoever, is my post about some extravagant April Fools joke. For most that should be quite obvious as I actually took the time to quote the Bible (King James Version) word for word in here. I would not go to that length for a mere joke. The Bible is NO joke! Read, ask God for understanding, and read more.

  26. Brett Stidham

    Maybe they named the nuclear power plant chernobyl(russian for wormwood)so they could melt it down to make revelations look accurate? Self-fulfilling prophecy maybe?

  27. Lenny

    SJ said: “There is a lot of doubt in the scientific community as to whether planet x actually exists…”

    doubt? how about ridicule?! Not a single astronomer takes this silly notion seriously. An object the size people talk about would EASILY be detected. We can detect asteroids MUCH smaller than the supposed planet X. go to youtube and search for “December 21, 2012: Should You Be Worried?” and “December 21, 2012: Why I’m Worried” <——-pay close attention to 4:00-6:00 in particular.

    As Ross Presser said, Chernobyl doesn’t mean wormwood… nor does the original text of the bible mention wormwood.

    from the wiki article on Chernobyl, (and easily verified by anyone who speaks Ukranian)
    “The city is named after the Ukrainian word for mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), which is “chornobyl”. The word is a combination of chornyi (чорний, black) and byllia (билля, grass blades or stalks), hence it literally means black grass or black stalks. That may signify burnt grass, perhaps prior to cultivation.”

    The bible contains no prophecies that ever came true, and actually contains a few failed ones. See for more info about these.

    Time to stamp out ignorance.


  28. Ray

    You guys really should take the time to read the Bible. The burning mountain is the second trumpet. Wormword is actually the third trumpet. Rev. 8:10-11.

  29. glenn

    this is redculous…..I can find nothing that says that Chernobyl means wormwood. Just made up by the Rapture idios…

  30. joan

    The prophecy in Revelations comes to pass with the failure of Deep Sea Horizon, we are eventually going to see one-third of the earth’s waters run red–with crude oil will causing a major die-off of vegetation and animal life and if somebody is dumb enough to try and burn it all off, we’ll suffer lung and respiratory disorders galore–j

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  32. Karjaratan

    I’m amazed that this thread has lasted this long. 2004 was a long time ago.

    I have the distinct feeling that whatever that prophecy actually represents, when it happens, no one will be debating whether it ‘actually happened’ or whether maybe ‘this was it not that’ etc.

    Then again, maybe john thought it was a bigger event than we do, and it really will be / has been one of these more minor events. (honestly, the whole nuclear scare is mostly just a callback to cold war era propaganda. Nuclear technology isn’t even remotely as dangerous or unpredictable as many seem to believe.)

  33. vaughn Nebeker

    Yes it a nuclear mealit dowen main lands china.
    Reactoer V VR 1000
    reactears code name.[ Dragen mouth].
    Reactoer next to a nuclear warhead manufachering buncker.
    china bult it under a granit mounten formasen.
    limited acsess to the area do tho nuclear readesion

  34. Justin

    Yeah, well Jesus didn’t come again did he? Nor did we all get implanted with microchips or have bar codes, ha ha, printed on, ha ha ha, our, bwahahahahahaha, our, hahahahahahaha! FOREHEADS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! HAHAHAH!!!

  35. Brent

    I think some of the radicals need to take a step back. The bible is not wrong & has never been wrong; people’s interpretations have been wrong often though.

    Where in the bible does it mention microchips in foreheads or hands Justin? Nowhere. Where does it say Chernobyl is going to fulfill one of the prophecies? Nowhere.

    Look, you either believe or you don’t. I believe. The bible isn’t easy to comprehend completely by everyone; to each it will be understood by their own level of understanding (mental abilities)…..the number of the beast in the hand or forehead may mean a card or memorized number, who knows….I do not but someone else may. I mean, you have to have a Social Security card in the United States to buy or sell through your life…..or have the number memorized.

    I don’t understand all the idiocy by radicals on either side. I believe we are in the end days. How long that may be is anyone’s guess; it won’t be on December the 12th 2012 of that I am certain. Jesus Christ said only God the Father knows the exact time so if you or anyone else try to pinpoint it I will feel safe enough on that day.

    Live your life & believe but if you choose not to believe that’s between you & God when you die. I love to think about the bible in abstract notions & discuss it with others but I never would go so far as to throw down the gauntlet & say “this is right & that is wrong” unless the bible says so in no uncertain terms.

    Everything else is just bible study. Science & the bible never disagree, only mankind does.

  36. BMW

    The name “Chenobyl ” was because the herb wormwood grew very plentifully in that area. It was the name of a nearby city AND the power station. The people years ago probably could not distinguish between the two similar species of the plant.
    Two weeks before the disaster, Halley’s Comet was at its closest approach to the earth, on its orbit away from the sun. I observed it at this time, and remember making the comment that it was pretty insignificant, after all the who-hah that had gone on before the comet arrived. I now believe that the nuclear disaster WAS the fulfilment of the prophecy.

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  38. RWFinFW

    the bible doesn’t say it’s 1 single event – just that a star named wormwood will touch the water & then a third part of the waters will be made wormwood – now we have whe north west Pacific being made “wormwood” with the word “chernobyl” being used in the media – dose this mean that more of the waters will be made “wormwood”?

  39. JMac

    Mark 13:8 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows. (KJV)
    Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and more all in a mess.
    Japan: I never heard of a 9.0 earthquake until now.
    Isreal came back in 1948, look at the odds they faced if you want to see a miricle.
    Mark 13:7 And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet. (KJV)
    Not that anyone or anything could stop my God, and still I pray, Matthew 6:10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. (KJV) Amen

  40. KC

    The name Chernobyl in Ukraine is “Чорнобиль”. The name of Chernobyl in Russian is “Чернобыль”. These have come from maps from their respective countries.
    The Ukraine for wormwood is “Полин” and absinthe in greek (of which wormwood is used) in Ukrainian is “Абсент”.
    Understand that there are no conjoining letters in wormwood and absinthe that exist in any way within the name Chernobyl (in either it’s Russian or Ukrainian counterparts)

    Another theory was that Chernobyl was a literal translation of the word “black grass” which would refer to the wormwood plant. However, the translation of Chernobyl allows for the word “black” but no “grass” or “plant” or anything after the word black in Russian. HOWEVER, in Ukrainian, the town name allows for “black” and “white” as well as derivatives naming the town as the place of “black and whiteness at least”, in it’s most literal translation.
    The town name itself IS NOT a translation of wormwood. The origin of this myth seems to have come from an old article from the New York Times and as such leads me to be sceptical of the facts and findings.

    All this information is freely available, if you take the time to research it.
    Don’t believe all you are told when you can find the truth.

  41. william

    healthy discussion is a positive feed for all,helps us all to understand some things much better,
    As Americans ,many seem to believe that our way,or thought are the only correct,or right ones,this is not good thinking,
    As this discussion goes,remember that the soviet country is where the translation comes,
    Also remember that when the Scriptures were written,most people were not of formal education,so the language was that used in everyday life,by fishermen,farmers,orchard tenders,written so they would be able to understand ,
    also in Revelation,in the King James,Wormwood is referred to as a Star fallen from Heaven,
    In Genesis everything above the firmament of the land is Heaven,also that Abrahams descendant were referred to as Stars,
    I have used some sybolic language in my post,
    I hope that you will think over what you will say,

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  44. Artemisia vulgaris

    Quote Lenny:
    “As Ross Presser said, Chernobyl doesn’t mean wormwood… nor does the original text of the bible mention wormwood.
    from the wiki article on Chernobyl, (and easily verified by anyone who speaks Ukranian)
    “The city is named after the Ukrainian word for mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), which is “chornobyl”. ”

    Um….mugwort is wormwood.

    [b]Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort or common wormwood)[/b]

    iow’s they are the same thing.

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  48. R

    “burning mountain” is obviously a volcano, not a nuclear explosion. super volcanoes are also far more destructive than the single biggest nuclear weapon. A volcano also poisons the surrounding land with toxic ash, which poisons water and crops, and a big enough volcano can cause a global nuclear winter by sending ash into the upper atmosphere where it stays for many years.

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  53. charmed

    ““burning mountain” is obviously a volcano, not a nuclear explosion.”

    That’s not necessarily true.

    “And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood”

    The part “As it were” also can be used in place of like. This means that it can also be interpreted to mean LIKE a great mountain burning fire; which would broaden the possibilities considerably.

    It’s pretty bold to say it is certain a volcano when clearly it can be interpreted otherwise.

    How do you think someone living 2000 years ago would have described an atomic/nuclear explosion? It would look like a great mountain burning with fire.

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