What’s hot this week:

I am kinda digging this Passi track “Je Zap et Je Mat,” though I have found a lot of Passi’s stuff to be kind of pop, a little too safe. Real radio-ready stuff. On the other hand, new discovery of the week is Mala Rodriguez. Check out the photo:


Que sabrosa, Øno?

She guested on a track that was on the “Y Tu Mama Tambien” soundtrack. Expect to hear that one on Friday night, party people. I have a completely new set, this week. I think that there will be a little more Latin Hip Hop, more Saian Supa Crew, because they have totally won me over. I thought they were fun but kind of silly the first time I heard them, but every time I hear them, it makes me happy.

Also, the female vocal on “Laisse pas Trainer ton Fils” by NTM is j.u.s.t. i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e. It puts a lump in my throat every time she opens her mouth. That’s going to be early in the set. I want it ta hitcha while you’re still fresh, bªbª.

There are rumors of a large contingent of Francophonic femmes coming down from the ATL just to see what all the fuss is about. How about that? Sounds like a party.

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