Getting it together

Winding up the set list for this week. There are a lot more women’s voices this week- Lady Laistee, Mala Rodriguez, Princess Anies, K-Reen, more songs with singers that carry melodies. Last time was a real sausage party. It got to be a bit much at about the 2 hour 20 minute mark.

Met with DJ SamaSama tonight. We played each other a couple of tracks each, and I realized that we are coming from seriously different places. SamaSama wants to challenge the listener- he’s bringing some really offbeat indie stuff. And by that I mean, not hip hop. Third Eye Foundation and some Bollywood themes from the 1960s- field recordings of gamelon players, that kind of thing. It’s interesting stuff…

But I am bringing music for people to get up and dance to, and that’s what my mission is, as I see it. Different worlds….

Traktor DJ Studio continues to be a real delight to work with. I start to fall in love with it, and then it does something completely unexplained and annoying, like wipe out the complete playlist from the 19th. I was saving that. God, when i finally pay for the upgrade, I hope they have some of this stuff fixed.

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