The God of Irony rewards us


Who’s that guy?

It’s John Negroponte, Central American Death Squad Apologist and the new US Ambassador to Iraq.

My goodness, what’s that in the background?

Why that’s Picasso’s Guernica, a painting inspired by the Spanish Civil War bombing of innocent people in a tiny city in southern Spain. The people flying the planes were Nazis fighting on the side of the Spanish Fascists. The people under the bombs were just people. Picasso was horrified at the fact that innocent people found themselves as collateral damage in an illegal war.


Shhh. I know.

Where’s that painting now?

Well, the original was moved to Madrid after Franco finally died, but there’s a copy of the painting that was commissioned by the UN that hangs in the press room there.

Wasn’t that the one that they had to cover up when Colin Powell gave his press conference about the US decision to go to war in Iraq?

The same.


Yes, I know. Don’t worry, it’s not likely that your head will actually explode. It just feels that way.

Isn’t that a Fox News microphone in front of Negroponte’s face?

Why, yes it is.

Where’d you get this masterpiece of modern horror?

Well, it came from Atrios’ website, but he apparently got it straight from the Coalition Provisional Authority’s announcement that Negroponte was the new man in Iraq.

They don’t know what that painting means, do they?

Clearly not.

Is there a God?

If there is, he’s got a really wicked sense of humor.

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