Hard Drives

Wow, the price of hard drives has just plummeted. I am probably the last person to figure this out, but I am looking at two hard drives right now. One is for my wonky (s)laptop- 20gb for $99. The other is for an old PowerMac 8500 that I am going to put linux on and use as a file server. (it has to be SCSI for this machine.) It used to be that SCSI hard drives were $100 a gb. There’s a computer shop that has a used 9 gb in town, he said $20 to $30. He had to check and see what the guy who owned the shop said.

Here’s a survey question: What do you do with an old hard drive to protect your data from being compromised by someone scavenging it and scanning it? (This is not such an important question for me, but I have a friend that is kinda, er…. famous, and he no longer wants to use this one machine. He just wants it blank- nothing. People would pay plenty of money to see what he has on his hard drive. Thoughts?)

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