Done with exams

Damn, it’s nice to be done with exams. I can finally have free time again where I am not thinking “I should be studying.”

Now, about that job…. This teacher shortage that we keep hearing about may be limited to semi-urban and urban areas. There sure doesn’t seem to be a shortage around here. I have had a hell of a time finding a job. At this point I am going to be substitute teaching while I take some night classes in the fall and hoping for a last minute (or mid-year) job offer to come through.

I guess that’s okay- I can concentrate on learning to program C++ and getting ready for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. (and as a sub, I can take the time off that I need to get up there and run the race.)

Anybody know a school that needs a history teacher?

  1. I would never – NEVER – have pegged you for a runner. But damn, marathon…you go, boy. I’m impressed.

    I started training for a marathon in 1996, sprained my ankle terribly (not running, just stepping off a curb leaving a coffee shop, how lame). Never tried again. But I have managed to finish five triathlons. Hopefully, when the kiddos are a bit older, I’ll do another.

  2. Surprise!

    Yah, kinda funny, innit? I just love to run. (And I love to eat, which is a fortunate intersection of circumstances.)

    Gonna do a run/swim this afternoon. Did a trail run yesterday and was hacked to pieces by the blackberry vines.

    Wish you were closer, we could get out and run some.

  3. That last sentence cracks me up – you have NO idea how slow I am!!! Granted, I am usually pushing two children in a stroller, but even when I run sans kids, my pace only barely surpasses what I can do race-walking. When I was in top (for me) triathlon form, I was only doing a mile in 9-9.5 minutes. Pre-kids my normal pace was a 10 minute mile. Now I’m even slower, if you can comprehend it. No, I doubt you’d want to run with me, because I guarantee you are considerably faster.

    That, and I hate talking while I run.

  4. Well, I was right there with you until you said:
    “That, and I hate talking while I run.”
    WHAT? Jesus…. then all there is to do is to think about the pain. I hate not talking when I run.

    I think that the main reason that my dad and I run the USMC Marathon every year is so that we can have four and half hours where we can talk without being interrupted.

    Nine or so minutes per mile is about what I like to do on my easy runs. I never said I was fast, just that I liked to run a long way.

    Did a 5k run followed by a half mile swim today. That was refreshing. Did you know that you can sweat while you are swimming?

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