Is this thing going to boil over or what?

I am still trying to get my head around this Larry Franklin thing. Was the operative in question passing state secrets to Israel, or was he offering up US Foreign policy to the Likud to evaluate?

Josh Marshall, Laura Rozen, et al’s article is at Washington Monthly.

There’s no predicting how high the spankings will go when this shakes out. The story seems to be unfolding in bursts. First it was an unnamed operative in Doug Feith’s office. Then it was specifically Larry Franklin, and then, according to this,

…other sources said the FBI investigation is more wide-ranging than initial news reports suggested.

They said it has involved interviews of current and former officials at the White House, Pentagon and State Department.

Investigators have asked about the security practices of several other Defense Department civilians, they said.

Even if the worst of these charges aren’t true, it would appear that elements of the neo-con cabal in DC have been presenting Likud party aparatchiks with drafts of US policy towards Iran so that the Sharonistas could “yay” or “nay” it. The narrative arc of this scandal may be too convoluted for Joe Average voter to internalize, I am afraid. I still can’t quite get my head around why the neo-cons were supporting MEK, an semi-Marxist/pro-Islamist Iranian dissident organization. (as Dave Tepper says “Head….. asploding…..”) File this in the same file as their pimping of Ahmed Chalabi, Iranian spy, which I think will be “C,” for “Cognitive Dissonance.”

I have a lot of random thoughts about this…. I am going to withhold final judgement until there’s more information…

Some of those random thoughts:

It seems that, at some point, folks with their eye on big, fat checks from the DIA figured out that if they got the right Neo-Con on the phone and said “Once we are in power, we will recognize Israel,” the money hose would be pointed in their direction.

The return of the republicans to the State Department and the Pentagon was supposed to be the Return of Grownups in US Foreign Policy. I would love to see some evidence of that some time, wouldn’t you?

and finally, the Bush Admin has thrown to the dogs both CIA and FBI personnel on the issues of WMD and 9/11, respectively… Did they think that it wouldn’t blow back on them? Carter learned the hard way what happens when you piss off the intelligence agencies. Did these folks think they were bullet proof?

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