More NYC!

First person photo gallery here.

First person narrative description from one of my favorite weblogs here at Alicublog.

Some favorite excerpts from there:

The crowd was getting bunched up round 25th Street and some of the organizers sprang into action to regulate the flow — young, mostly female, red bandanas tied on their arms, they linked hands across the avenue and held the pace. Very neatly done. If you want to know why moderates march with fringe groups, it’s because the fringe groups know their shit.

Up in the 30s there was no getting out of it — all the sidewalks and sidestreets were blocked off by metal gates and cops, who seemed attentive but relaxed; a number of them lounged in chairs inside the closed Blimpies at 30th, gazing out at us as if we were a dull TV show and the remote were too far away for them to change the channel. (editor’s note- NYC public safety workers’ unions have been struggling for a better contract since the winter of 2001/2002, so you may see some lack of enthusiasm for head busting. Just a thought.)

MSNBC slide show, which is kinda flat, but pictures nonetheless, here.

Very nice little collection of photos here.

Roger L. Simon laments that it’s not 1968 any more, and look at all these dumb hippies! Which nicely illustrates another of Jane Dark’s characterizations of a certain writerly pose:

“I shall leave a full-figured takedown of Todd Gitlin for someone with more patience than I for apoplectic dwarves, formerly progressive category; I spent mine on Chris Hitchens. Perhaps it will suffice for now to note that, as long as maturity is equated with the politics of seeking out a marginally better deal without upsetting the apple-cart, I will persist in extreme immaturity…”

I love her (in a blog-crush kind of way), and she never even notices me.

More stuff as I find it.

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