eponymous points us to the sad facts

Man, I just HATE to read stuff like this:

* In 2003 in Philadelphia, voters in African American areas were systematically challenged by men carrying clipboards, driving a fleet of some 300 sedans with magnetic signs designed to look like law enforcement insignia.

* In 2002 in Louisiana, flyers were distributed in African American communities telling voters they could go to the polls on Tuesday, December 10th ñ three days after a Senate runoff election was actually held.

* In 1998 in South Carolina, a state representative mailed 3,000 brochures to African American neighborhoods, claiming that law enforcement agents would be ìworkingî the election, and warning voters that ìthis election is not worth going to jail.î

I think it was when I first had moved from South Georgia to Chicago and had just started writing this thing that I said “Jim Crow is not dead.”

Well, he isn’t. And that’s a fact.

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