This is what happens….

when you fuck with people that are smarter that you.

Over the weekend, the right wing guys that were threatening to show up at peaceful protests and raise hell, the “Protest Warriors,” got their database hacked. I would normally never link to the “Free” Republic (where you can get banned so fast it’ll make your mouse jump) and Little Green Footballs, but the pained and outraged ignorance in both those places is truly… magnifique….

You can see LGF’s reaction here.

And the Free Republic thread here.

Apparently(?) there was a site defacement at, but it’s hard to say for sure. These guys aren’t very clear in their use of all this interweb-thingy lingo.

I am fairly ambivalent about the whole thing, but I must say, after reading the genocidal garbage that spews off of the pages of LGF and, I have about zero sympathy for them.

If you’re gonna be a brownshirt (by their own admission, “digital brownshirts“), then you better lock your doors at night. There are plenty of folks that take that kind of rhetoric seriously.

  1. You have gone and made me do it again. I’ll be checking out LGF for the first time since their Racheal Corrie lovefest, where I learned the extent of hatred had no bounds.

    That was nice, you may have the wrong link, I just got a page with the lgf mailbot. Though now I’m thinking of using it for my own nefarious purposes.

    time to hit the front pageouch.

  2. diabloblanco

    Yeah, well, this is not acceptable behavior. People have a right to say what they want to on thier own websites whether we like it or not. That doesn’t give some so called “hacktivist” a right to engage in cyber-graffiti, or to publish the names and personal info of subscribers. That puts people who are harming no one at risk of being harmed by the unhinged and easily led. Not cool and not funny. The threats of violence are especially uncool, and probably impotent threats from a lone idiot anyway, but who can say for sure?

    The idea that these guys call themselves “digital brown shirts” is only half true. According to the page you linked to, they were having fun with the notion because Al Gore had called them digital brown shirts. See, that’s a clever and common way of disarming your opponent, by embracing the nasty name they call you and even celebrating it, as a badge of honor. Nothing wrong with that, and it doesn’t make them Nazis.

    I don’t go to LGF’s, so I can’t say whether they are “hate filled” or not, but I really don’t care. You don’t tell someone you disagree with thier views by keying their car or knocking over their mailbox. This is supposed to be a civil society. That kind of behavior only invites the same and more in return. People who do things like that make it hard for people like me to give two shits about what their beef exactly is or what they stand for.

  3. David F.

    I think it’s beautiful. Lovely chaos. More digital carnage!! Feed the hate freaks some lovely green lumps of their own rat poison. Eat up, you idiots!!


    Makes me wish I could hack.

  4. SÒr. Blanco-
    As a point of reference, LGF and the Free Republic are the worst of the worst. And for them to suffer a little cyber-vandalism is a fraction, not even a taste of the violence and carnage that they have wished on others. To vandalize a website? What the fuck is that? Some electrons that got mashed a certain way? They want to act like soldiers, they need to put on their helmets.

    That said, I don’t necessarily condone it, but it sure was fun to watch. Do I think the it was “Right”? Not really. Was it justice of a kind? ABSOLUTELY.

    As for whether or not they are “real” brownshirts…. I have a friend whose grandfather barely made it out of Poland alive. My friend’s father was born to parents that spoke no English in Brooklyn while World War 2 was being fought to stop fascism from drawing its long, black rope around the rest of Europe’s throat.

    I was talking to the guy’s father once. We were talking about the skinheads, who were a popular topic of conversation at the time, since they were getting all kinds of attention on Geraldo and Oprah and all that stuff. I said something like “These guys aren’t really Nazis. They’re just angry white kids with an axe to grind, and they know Nazis scare people.”

    This son of refugees, who was so nearly not born, reached over and put his hand on my shoulder. He pulled me close enough to whisper his strong Brooklyn accent in my ear, and said “Let me tell you something, pal. When someone tells me they’re a Nazi…I.
    Believe. Them.”

    With that, he got up from the table and went to look out the window at something I still can’t see.

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