Jane Dark is Blogging the RNC

She’s using not one, but two pseudonyms… Go figure…

But there’s no mistaking her gimlet summations.

John McCainís charm, aside from his arid and serpentine persistence, is that though he is a nerd and a warrior, he still seems to recall some basic lessons of cool. Foremost among them is that, if you are parsimonious with your yeses, each one counts more. Again, this is not particularly subtle; it works anyway. And so it is that the Republican partyís favorite nay-sayer can play his opening-night duties as a principled return to the fold. Heís earned his free thinkerís badge; he even cut eyes at the Democrats, as if there was some legitimate risk he might rollerskate over to the other rink — as if he somehow might not show up at the RNC, benediction in his pocket and happy to see us.

The fact that she’s blogging this under a moniker inspired by one of the best rock (steady?) songs of all time is a nice touch. ( I realize it’s not technically rock steady, but it’s not reggae, either. I ain’t Sasha Frere-Jones, so what….?)

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