Purple Heart Bandaids?

I don’t know what’s more disgusting about this whole flap- the facts themselves, the fact that we missed the opportunity to have delegates run around at the DNC with those little bibs that one wears at the dentist’s office, or the creator of the campaign’s Neo-Nazi credentials:

Blackwell has also trained rightist political forces in Latin America and Africa(19) through IPF, notably supporters of the Pinochet military dictatorship, Argentinean rightists, and supporters of Inkatha chief Buthelezi in South Africa. It was Buthelezi’s group that later attempted to create civil war in South Africa to keep apartheid policies in place. Inkatha worked with pro-apartheid and neo-nazi groups to stop the elections eventually won by Nelson Mandela.

Some of the commenters over at Atrios had some input on this:

“Was he all out of tiny little yellow chickhawks?” -katie

“You know what would be great? There’s this big black wall in Washington. They could pass out their band-aids in front of that. Yeah, that would be pretty fucking hilarious.” -alkali

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