Open your eyes to The Nation

The Nation is hosting pictures from Sunday’s march here.

Check it out.

Additionally, there are links to a write-up about the Billionaires for Bush march, excerpted here:

Billionaired for Bush is basically a one-joke movement, but the joke’s a good one and the movement has added some much-appreciated agit-prop hilarity to the goings-on in the RNC city.

On Sunday the Billionaires opened their convention activities with a croquet game in Central Park before convening near the Plaza Hotel for a pre-march rally. A fake secret service agent shooed reporters away, “unless you are with Fox News-then step forward.” The chants ensued-“Four More Wars! Four More Wars!-and funny/biting signage unveiled: “Swift Yacht Vets for Bush,” “Privatize Central Park,” “2 Million Jobs Lost-It’s a Start,” “Free the Enron 7,” “No Justice? No Problem,” “Global Warming-Better Tans.”

More. Go ye there.

  1. Your momma

    You think this is funny!! Did you forget what the terrorist did to our country? You must not know anyone that was affected by the NY 9/11. What a f***ing idiot!

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