Funny *and* Politically Astute

Down here, it’s a dirty little secret but I’ll spill the beans, plenty of folks have relatives that know how to “Call the hogs.” There’s a traditional hog calling holler, and it’s that phrase you’ve probably heard…


(God, sometimes I am SO proud to be a redneck…)

Anyway, I wish I could have been there for the protest pictured here. I would have loved to have wandered the dining room of the Hilton (where Halliburton was having a fucking PRAYER BREAKFAST) (“Dear God… Please put Bush back in the White House… I got my eye on a Gulf Stream V…and a Chris Craft….”) hollering for the pigs and slopping out big buckets of fake cash while hot girls with pig noses on came and wallowed in it.


Damn, that’s good theater.

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